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6 Mar 2023
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Outdoor Adventures

Hilton Head's waters have a stunning effect on people, beckoning locals and visitors alike to set sail and explore. If you're traveling to Hilton Head Island, getting out on the water is a must. However, most travelers don't have the luxury of bringing a boat of their own. Don't worry; you can still enjoy Hilton Head's beautiful waters by taking advantage of local boat tours.

Hilton Head Boat Tour Companies

Hilton Head Island has many boat tour companies out there, each with its own unique style. Whether you want a scenic tour or to try to spot Hilton Head's famous sealife, the island's boat tours have you covered. Let Beach Properties of Hilton Head guide you in finding the perfect tour for your vacation. Read on to learn more about some of the top Hilton Head boat tours.

Vagabond Cruise

Vagabond Cruise is one of the most popular tour companies on Hilton Head Island. They offer a wide range of boat tours, including dolphin-watching tours, sunset cruises, and private charters. Depending on the season, there are additional tour options. For example, there's a romantic Valentine's Day cruise, a festive St. Patrick's Day cruise, and more.

Vagabond Cruise is also known for its fireworks cruise. Only available in the summer, the tour departs just before sunset to highlight some of Hilton Head's breathtaking sights before getting into premier position to watch the Tuesday fireworks display. This tour is always a hit with families with children.

Island Explorer Dolphin and Nature Tours

Island Explorer Dolphin and Nature Tours is another great option for Hilton Head boat tours, especially for families with kids. What makes these tours unique is that they are led by experienced naturalists who provide fascinating insights into the island's wildlife and ecosystems. 

Island Explorer Dolphin and Nature Tours' most popular options are undoubtedly the dolphin cruises. They have two unique dolphin tours, one focusing on the dolphins while the other covering the other nature around the island. There is also the Vanishing Island tour, which gives guests a chance to see sand dollars, starfish, and more up close.

Dolphin Discoveries Hilton Head

Dolphin Discoveries Hilton Head is a smaller, family-owned tour company that specializes in personalized dolphin-watching tours. Their tours are led by a marine biologist who provides educational commentary about the dolphins and other wildlife you'll encounter along the way. The tours take place on a 22-foot boat, which can accommodate up to 14 people, though tours are limited to six guests for a more intimate experience. 

In addition to the dolphin tours, they offer beachcombing, fireworks, sunset, crabbing, and shark fishing tours. If you're looking for a more personal Hilton Head boat tour, Dolphin Discoveries Hilton Head is right up your alley.

Well-Appointed Lodging on Hilton Head Island

After enjoying one of these fabulous boat tours, recharge at your vacation rental from Beach Properties of Hilton Head. We offer a wide range of rentals, and if you can't get enough of Hilton Head Island's beautiful waters, we have oceanfront vacation rentals available. We're here to help you find the perfect accommodations for your trip; please give us a call at 800-571-5155 to get started.