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You have spent this year saving enough money to go on the perfect vacation. You found the perfect oceanfront property that every member of your family will love and you found incredible flights deals. You are browsing the internet for that new bikini. Suitcases are laying open and you’ve tossed in the sunscreen and beach towels. You can already feel the ocean breeze as it ruffles your hair, the warmth of the sun tanning your skin and then, the phone rings…

That call could be that a family member has had an accident, that your child is sick, you have been transferred to the West Coast, your husband just lost his job, there’s a hurricane in the Atlantic or a number of other occurrences that could keep you from embarking on this vacation. It happens every day with unforeseen travel problems like trip delays, illness during travel, unpredictable weather or lost baggage being an issue more frequently than ever. There is a lot at stake.

Protect your travel investment. When you purchase trip cancelation insurance you protect your travel investment if an unforeseen event such as illness or mandatory hurricane evacuation should occur. Trip cancelation insurance is 7.75% of the total cost of your rental and must be purchased with or no later than your final payment.  To add Travel Insurance, please contact a Vacation Planner at 1-800-671-5155. For specific policy coverage and questions, please contact Red Sky Travel Insurance at 1-866-549-5283. Don’t let your perfect vacation go unprotected!

Red Sky Travel Insurance Information

What is the cancelation policy for the home or villa you have rented?

HOMES: : If you cancel your home reservation before 90 days of your arrival, you will forfeit $500. If you cancel between 90 days and 45 days of your arrival, you will forfeit your prepayment. If you cancel 30 days or less of your arrival date you will forfeit the full amount of your rental. 

VILLAS: If you cancel your villa reservation before 60 days of your arrival, you will forfeit $250. If you cancel between 60 days and 30 days of your arrival you will forfeit your prepayment, and if you cancel 30 days or less of your arrival date you will forfeit the full amount of your rental.

MONTHLY RENTALS: A monthly rental is considered any property rented for 28 or more consecutive days.  A 50% prepayment is due at time of reserving. Cancellation of a monthly rental 180 days prior will incur a cancelation fee of $250. If you cancel between 180 days and 45 days prior to arrival you will forfeit the 50% prepayment. If you cancel 45 days or less of your arrival, you will forfeit the full amount of your rental. Final Payment is due 45 days prior to arrival on monthly stays. Cancelations or changes in your dates and/or rental property must occur prior to the cancelation period. There will be no refunds for early checkouts, no-shows, or inclement weather. Travel insurance can be purchased for 7.75% of your total rental and is highly recommended for all reservations, especially on monthly rentals. 

What is the difference between Trip Cancelation and Trip Interruption?

Trip cancelation is financial reimbursement of your prepaid, non-refundable vacation rental costs when an unforeseen event, which is a covered reason under your policy, causes you to cancel your trip. Trip interruption is financial reimbursement for your unused prepaid travel expenses and/or the additional airfare to return home, when an unforeseen event, from which you are protected under your policy, causes you to cut short your trip and a return home ahead of schedule must occur after your policy takes effect.

When is the best time to purchase Travel Insurance?

The best time to purchase the policy is with your initial trip deposit. Your prompt purchase ensures that you are afforded the maximum protection under the policy.  Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are covered only when the policy is purchased within 21 days of the initial booking. The booking for the Trip must be the first and only booking for this travel period and destination and you are not disabled from travel at the time you pay the insurance premium.  For Pre-Existing Conditions questions and explanation of benefits we suggest you call Red Sky Travel Insurance at 866-889-7409. 

Who is considered a family member?

Any of the following relatives of your or your traveling companions are considered family members under the policy: a legal or common-law spouse; a domestic partner; a parent or legal guardian; step-parent, grandparent, parents-in-law, grandchild, natural or adopted child, foster child or ward, step-child, children-in-law, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew.

What are the general types of coverage included in the Sun Trip Preserver plan?

Red Sky's Sun Trip Preserver protects you before your departure, during your trip, and on your return home. A wide range of unforeseen events that could cancel or interrupt your travel plans. Coverage includes trip cancelation, trip interruption, travel delay, baggage delay, lost or stolen personal items, emergency accident and sickness medical expense and emergency evacuation, and 24-hour assistance services. Here are some Policy Highlights:

Sun Trip Preserver offers the broadest limits:

  • Up to $100,000 reimbursement for rental costs

  • $200 per day ($750 maximum) for expenses related to trip delay such as hotel accommodations

  • Up to $25,000 medical expense coverage

  • $1000 baggage delay coverage

Sun Trip Preserver covers trip cancellation or interruption due to:

  • A named hurricane or other natural disaster

  • Uninhabitability of the destination vacation home caused by a natural disaster

  • Uninhabitability of your primary residence or your traveling companion’s primary residence caused by natural disaster

  • Sickness, injury or death of you, a family member, traveling companion or service animal

Sun Trip Preserver also provides:

  • Worldwide emergency assistance service

  • Emergency roadside assistance service 

Where can more information be found?

Visit the Red Sky website at or call 866-889-7409 for assistance.