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24 Apr 2020
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Nothing brings smiles to our faces, quite like hearing from our guests about the wonderful memories they’ve made on Hilton Head Island. We understand how important that quality time spent with family and friends really is. Knowing that we can provide a meaningful experience to people and their loved ones warms our hearts and reminds us why we love our what we do for a living. Thank you to everyone for the heartfelt submissions and the kind words.

We’ve selected a handful of spotlight memories to feature in this week’s blog. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we did! Then, consider booking a vacation with us to create lasting memories of your own.

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Heartwarming Memories from Past Guests  

Peggy Schmitt Says


“This photo is one of my favorites taken on South Forest Beach. My three daughters are young women now, but this picture always takes me back to our amazing yearly summer vacations on HHI. Hilton Head always was, and still is, our ‘happy place.’”  

Joanne Steele Says 

“Jake Castello, King of the Sand Dunes. For many years we looked forward to finding him on the beach in the mornings. He passed away, but his memory lives on through Maverick, the White Dog of Coligny Hardware and Beach Supplies. We never miss a chance to see him there… Hilton Head’s Official Greeter!! Thanks, Jake, for the happy memories.”  

Amy D’Amico Says

“It was our 10th summer on the island. The rainbow was stunning over Palmetto Dunes. My husband passed away last month so the memories are especially important since he lost his battle with cancer. I just booked a return trip with our son, daughter and two grandsons for this June. Time to make more memories…” 

John Gunson Says  

“Our family has enjoyed coming to Hilton Head for a number of years. From riding bikes on the beach to zip lining in the treetops to enjoying dinner with the most amazing sunsets on the water, it’s always a magical trip.”  

Elizabeth Franz Says  

“First time to Hilton Head for our family! We had aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, and grandparents at the beach house. We loved the pool, sunset walks with our beach hats, and mini golf too! We loved all the biking paths too.”  

Susan and Scott Goff Say 

“We have been coming here for 20+ years with our family and bulldogs, Max and Penny, and now our grandchildren!! South forest beach is our favorite, and we have already decided we will be retiring at Hilton Head Island!!” 

Jeanie Mussiana Says  

“This was the first trip in three years that my son was able to go with us. We had a wonderful time with lots of laughter. Riding our bikes every day, eating at wonderful restaurants every night and going putt-putt before heading back home. Hilton Head is our favorite spot, and we look forward to many more years of vacationing.” 

Dorothy Foley Says...


“Enjoyed a morning beach 5k run/walk during Easter Break 2019. We are looking forward to returning to HHI. We always book our stay with Beach Properties. Our favorite place to stay is Barrington Court or Arms on Palmetto Dunes because of the beach, bike paths, and amenities.” 

Shelley Jones Says 

“The two pics with the rainbows were from a beautiful night. We were trying to squeeze in a few days at our favorite beach, but it rained all day. After making the best of it at the Salty Dog, outlets, and the lighthouse between drops… I wanted to go out on the beach so badly, but it was still raining. We went out with umbrellas anyway. After about five minutes, these double rainbows appeared as the sun broke through the clouds just behind us at Coligny at sunset. I’ll never forget it.” 

Dawn Lutz Says 

“My husband loved Hilton Head. We had been making two trips every year. We had hoped to move to SC after we retired but, unfortunately, he just recently passed in February of this year. These pictures are so special to us. 

Megan Carty Says 

“Hilton Head is our special family vacation spot since we lost our 8-year-old son in 2014. It’s a place we visit for relaxation and solace to make memories that bring joy to our hearts, and we are so thankful to have found this special place. Pictures are of our daughter Arabella.”  

Jamey Hunt Says 

“Have made memories with my family year after year at HHI… Can't wait until our world is back to normal, and we can run down and make some more… HHI is the best overall beach vacation the East Coast has to it.”  

Kate Vannoy Says 

“We take a trip to HHI every year :) Sadly, we had to miss this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.  As you can see from just a couple of my HUNDREDS of photos, we love it there and so do our friends. We alternate our trips so that one year we take the kids and the next we go on a couples-only trip for some R&R :)”  

Make Memories of Your Own  

Spend quality time with the people in your life who mean the most. Create lasting memories that you and your kids will remember for the rest of your lives. Beautiful beaches, family-friendly activities, amazing eateries, and comfortable homes await you on Hilton Head Island. Contact us if you’d like to start planning your next family vacation.  

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