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12 Mar 2024
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For the Kids

Are you looking for a fun and unique activity that the whole family can enjoy on Hilton Head Island? Consider a pirate cruise! The team at Beach Properties of Hilton Head is excited to announce that a pirate cruise from Pirates HHI is the newest addition to our Explorers program, allowing you to enjoy this exciting adventure for free with the rental of a select home.

Before you set off on your voyage, you might be wondering what you can expect on a pirate cruise. Let us give you a preview of the excitement to come so you can decide if this activity is worthy of adding to your Hilton Head Island vacation itinerary.

What to Expect on a Hilton Head Island Pirate Cruise

Picture this: a majestic pirate ship equipped with water cannons sailing along the scenic waters surrounding Hilton Head Island, with families aboard, ready to partake in a swashbuckling adventure. The Black Sparrow, Pirates HHI’s stunning pirate ship, is the perfect setting for an escapade filled with excitement, laughter, and treasure hunts.

The adventure begins the moment you step foot on The Black Sparrow. The crew will transform your family into buccaneers with face painting, pirate tattoos, and getting you dressed in pirate garb. Once you look the part, you’ll be ready to take on Smelly Sam, an infamous pirate who is always causing trouble for The Black Sparrow crew. Keep an eye out for him as you sail around Hilton Head Island, enjoying the scenic views. Along the way, the crew will teach pirate talk and engage in other activities.

As you sail the waters around Hilton Head Island, you’ll eventually encounter Smelly Sam. Now, it's time to face off against him in an unforgettable sea battle. Once Smelly Sam has been vanquished, there’s treasure to enjoy. Families are in for a treat as they discover gold coins, sparkling jewels, and a few surprises hidden within the treasure chest. This is always a favorite; the joy and excitement on the faces of the little ones are truly priceless.

Family-Friendly Vacation Homes on Hilton Head Island

A pirate cruise with Pirates HHI is a memorable Hilton Head Island experience for the whole family. To enjoy this activity and other great experiences for free, reserve a select vacation home from Beach Properties of Hilton Head. Visit our Hilton Head Vacation Rentals with Golf & Activities Included page to learn more and browse eligible vacation rentals. Once you’ve found the perfect vacation rental, book your stay online. For more information, please call 800-671-5155.