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21 Dec 2022
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Outdoor Adventures

Known for its sandy beaches and beautiful waterways, it should come as no surprise that Hilton Head is a top destination for those wanting to enjoy the sand and surf. With miles of shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean, there is no shortage of adventures to enjoy out on the open sea or at the beach. However, before heading out on adventures from your Beach Properties of Hilton Head rental, it’s important you have a basic understanding of the tides on Hilton Head.

Whether you’re hoping to cast your line fishing or scour the shoreline for hidden treasures, the changing tides can have an impact on your outings. To help you have the best beach day possible, keep reading to learn more about Hilton Head tides.

The Highs and Lows

Water levels rise and fall due to Earth’s rotational force and the moon’s gravitational pull. This change of water along the shoreline is called a tide. While there are several types of tides, the two most common are high and low. If the water is at its highest point on the shoreline, this is called high tide. When the water recedes to its furthest point, this is low tide.

How Tides Impact Your Adventures

The best way to know where the tide is at is by checking a tide chart for Hilton Head. These graphs will show when high and low tides occur and the tides that happen in between. Before heading out the door of your Hilton Head vacation rental, be sure to check not only the weather but also a chart so you can have the most fun possible.

Thanks to our wide beaches, you can still enjoy some of your favorite activities regardless of the water level.

  • If you want to go beachcombing, wait for either a low or falling tide. This will unearth not only things like shells but also tide pools filled with marine life.

  • Bike rides are best experienced at low tide as well, so the rolling waves don’t know your bike over.

  • Before casting your line fishing, check to see if there is a falling tide, which takes place about two hours before low tide.

Figuring out the best time to enjoy waterfront activities can take some trial and error, but we’re confident you’ll figure it out in no time. 

Reserve a Waterfront Hilton Head Escape

A great way to see where the tides are is by reserving an oceanfront Hilton Head vacation rental from Beach Properties at Hilton Head. Our luxurious properties feature high-quality amenities and all the comforts of home. Browse our complete inventory of Hilton Head rentals online, or call 800-571-5155 to speak with a knowledgeable representative.