Hilton Head Activities

The Weather on Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina offers gorgeous weather year-round making this a destination for everyone. During the summer you can enjoy the bright sunshine while lying out by the pool or on the beach. Leave behind the cold winter months up North and escape to Hilton Head’s mild climate.Or visit in either the Spring or Fall for balmy days, cool nights and the perfect temperatures to enjoy the variety of outdoor activities Hilton Head has to offer.


Hilton Head Island Dining Information

The eclectic mix of Hilton Head restaurants has drawn so much attention and acclaim over the years that a magazine devoted to nothing but them has been published consistently since 1986. And no wonder – there are over 250 well regarded restaurants on the island, from small local delis to five star gourmet establishments. The variety of food is truly staggering and provides a myriad of choices to satisfy the simplest to most complex palates.