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28 Nov 2022
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Outdoor Adventures

Hilton Head Island is known for beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants, friendly locals, and endless things to do! One of our area's most exciting and unique places is the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge! Also known as the Pinckney Island Nature Preserve, this land features all of the area's natural beauty. This is the ideal place to spend a day with endless greenery, saltwater marshes, and many species of animals. The entire family will love getting out and exploring the area. Visitors to Pinckney Island are welcome to bike or hike while getting an up-close experience with nature! Here is your guide to making the most of visiting this fantastic nature preserve! 

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Pinckney Island Nature Preserve 

Where is Pinckney Island? 

Pinckney Island is located between Hilton Head Island and the mainland of South Carolina. It is easily accessible and sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every year! Visitors can cruise down Fording Island Road and be on the island in no time! 

Parking at Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge 

Parking on this island is located half a mile from the entrance of the park. No vehicles are permitted beyond the parking lot. Be sure to bring your bike if you want to explore the preserve on wheels! 

Pinckney Island History 

It was initially owned by Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, who served in the Revolutionary War. Pinckney had the island as a part of his property for over 50 years until he passed away in 1825. From 1937 to 1975, the island was owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a game preserve. From 1975 to the present, the island has been a national wildlife refuge. Even though few artifacts from the early days remain, the island's rich history makes the location a truly special place!  

Pinckney Island Trails 

Pinckney Island has a mix of gravel roads and grass trails that make the island perfect for exploring! Check out the trail map and see where all of the attractions lie in the refuge. The trails are perfect for hiking and biking, so be ready for a day of fun! 

Pinckney Island Specifics 

Are dogs allowed on Pinckney Island? 

Unfortunately, no pets are permitted on the island. Let your pet get some rest while you explore the island! 

Pinckney Island Hunting 

Hunting is allowed on the island. Hunters must obtain a permit to hunt on the refuge. Be sure to review all hunting laws and regulations before heading to the island. Hunters are asked to obtain their permits one week prior to hunting on the preserve. 

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